Would you like to learn the concepts of Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP? At Hatua Tech Limited, we pride ourselves with offering the best solutions and services to meet individual and business needs. One of such solutions is the Microsoft Dynamic NAV ERP which is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing and promising technologies in ERP solutions.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an extensive and comprehensive business management solution with functionality from human resources to financials to supply chain to manufacturing and more for small to mid-sized businesses. It helps organisations gain and maintain absolute control by making the right decisions time. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is designed to simplify and streamline business processes across the entire organization to help you gain better control, increase your margins, and drive profitable growth.

Why study Microsoft Dynamics NAV?

  • It is the Most Simplest and Powerful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution on the Market Today.
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV is being used by more than 110,000 businesses all over the world and still counting.
  • There is no better ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) that systemizes and improves productivity of SMBs (Small and Medium Size Businesses), than Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
  • This software is constantly being supported and improved by Microsoft to make it better and bigger. The latest version is Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018.
  • It is designed to work like other familiar Microsoft applications such as Microsoft Excel; it’s adaptable for when more power and functionality is needed.

The training will cover the following modules:

Financial Management: – Learn how to

  • Efficiently manage bookkeeping and inventory
  • Simplify cash flow management
  • Control fixed assets
  • Process bank reconciliations and collections
  • Work with multiple currencies, locations, legal entities, or companies

Manufacturing: – Learn how to

  • Boost efficiency of production orders
  • Improve supply planning
  • Stay agile and respond quickly to customer demands
  • Manage capacity requirements planning more effectively.

Supply Chain Management:- Learn how to

  • Tailor approval work flow processes
  • Manage inventory
  • Improve your responsiveness
  • Pursue new market opportunities
  • Work more efficiently with partners

Reporting:- Learn how to

  • Manage budgets
  • Create custom reports using step-by-step wizards
  • Consolidate reports easily
  • Look for trends and relationships
  • Increase collaboration and share knowledge

Sales and Marketing:- Learn how to

  • Manage customer and sales data
  • Create marketing campaigns
  • Organize service resources
  • Forecast and track parts consumption
  • Manage contracts and service agreements

Human Resource Management:- Learn how to

  • Attach comments to employee records
  • Track absences
  • Generate reports
  • Equip employees with familiar tools
  • Remember birthdays and celebrations

Project Management:- Learn how to

  • Budget for costs and time
  • Automate billings
  • Track resource costs and usage
  • Plan capacity
  • Predict availability

Service Management:- Learn how to

  • Manage customer calls and queries
  • Track support tickets
  • Allocate resources
  • Create reports
  • Carry out asset management



The only requirements you need to be part of this life transforming opportunity is:

  • Ability to use PC and Internet
  • Basic business processes understanding
  • Basic Accounting is a plus

Target Audience

This training is available for all individual and organizations who wish to improve the knowledge of their employees.

  • This course is for anyone who wants to become familiar with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and decide if this can be their future career (will be a smart choice for sure).
  • Anyone who wants to learn the basics of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018
  • Existing Microsoft Dynamics NAV users who want to refresh and enhance their knowledge
  • Non-Microsoft ERP Consultants
  • Business Owners who want to understand Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 before implementing NAV or gain better control of their company
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Course fees

We have packages that meet every individual’s need.

Basic: GHS 750.00 (early registration attracts 10% discount)

Intermediate: GHS 1,000.00

Advanced: GHS 1,200.00


Course Dates

All packages are available from 30th April, 2018. Below are the beginning start dates:

First stream: 30th April, 2018

Second Stream: 7th May, 2018

Third Stream: 21st May, 2018